Hey. . hey cat, I like your little toes. I like the way your fur feels under my little hands. Cat, cat, come here, cat.

Ground 0 -
For all your. . NnnNnnNEeeEeeeEEEeeEDdddSSssS





01-10 Creepy cat.


I̫̤̬͎̜f͚̭̝͙̲̫ ͙̭̥̹̘̝I̩̪͙̮͖̲̬ ̪͓̝̠͎f̹̱̮̪i͎̠t͇s̹͎̟͙̳̼̫͓ ̦̱̫̩̠̻͎I̹ ͈̗͇̝s͙̱i̫͓̤͎̫ͅt̮͖̮̱̗̥̟̩s̥̠͖̺̰̪ ͕͇͉͎̹͎

That last one, though.



( ̄个 ̄)

unfinished stuff i’ll never finish



i lock my cat out of the bedroom at night for a reason

How are you doing, friend?

Simply sitting in that place with the strange trees; skies of purple, grass of blue…Lady White seems to be resting on the pink pathway, but it seems the closer I get the more desaturated the world becomes. I wonder if I will be able to find her.

Why... ....I mean...why cats? Did you like them even before becoming a creature of the night?

A creature that ruled the night, balanced on the scales between life and death. The sleek silhouette of unattainable infinite knowledge - the eye; inverted darkness — the black cat! . . Symbolic, maybe - literal? Potentially—

What say we to a creature so hellbent on independence and solitude, affection only on their terms? Even in these nights the felines play dirty, yes, to be worthy of the cats affection is an important post — useful only out of necessity. But if you keep a cat colony, do you know how quickly it turns to chaos? … The cat, you see, needs a meal— ha, ha, ha. Yes, we call their independence into question;

Part time affection, inaudible discontent. . it is through the eyes the cat communicates. I have said it; ‘Watch the eyes, watch them blink - never once, always twice, and sometimes, even six. I’ve not seen the eye myself, but sometimes, in that silence, I am so utterly positive it is there.’ . . yes! YES! Can you see it? 

Look to where the cats gaze falls; shadow, bug or green bird… none really know. I have sought out the answers for some years, collecting, watching, observing -

So strange. A mass so forceful descends into chaos too quickly. A single cat balances gracefully between life and death, a hoard favours the left. 

Spades. x

Who were you before you were turned?

A whisper in the trees.

I had a vision, a thought - perhaps this happened before. . ?

It is only now I am able to say Quincy. I understand him, now - and in that understanding, what brilliant loathing. 

What is you opinion of the other Ventrue living in your domain?


I have none, and that is better than having a bad one. Carry yourselves well, my brothers and sisters. Mind your dignitas, and let your ambitions take flight.

S.L., Prince of Los Angeles

I fear they don’t understand the rules of the game. Flatter the prince in dignity, but, o, o - suffocate him with it too. A dead body makes a nicer seat warmer than no figurehead at all- ha, ha, ha.

viwan themes
There's a light on in the attic.
Though the house is dark and shuttered,
I can see a flickering flutter,
and I know what it's about.

Do turn on the light. .